BioBank is a BioBank of data aimed at managing patients and related ampoules of organic material.

Platform features

Patient List

The patient list, which appears in the Manage section Patients in the left menu, allows the display of patients differentiated by unique code for hospital.

In addition to the identification code, there will also be the main patient master data: name, surname, date of birth and gender.

 The button "add", providing valid data, allows users to insert a new patient on the list.

For each patient it will be possible to perform the following actions:

  • Edit: lets you edit all patient data visible in the list, even the identification code.
  • See Vials — view vials of specified patient, associated with the hospital in which we are operating.
  • Add vial: adds a new vial for the selected patient.
  • Print summary: lets you print a summary file containing the personal details of the patient and his vials. This summary can be printed on paper with a regular office printer.

 Within the patient list you can choose how to display the list and perform the search using the "search" option by entering one of the fields available, so to find easily the patient wanted.

List Vials

The list on the Manage section, inside the Vials Vials brought in the left menu, allows you to manage the vials found in the BioBank.

In the list we find the vials divided by types and for each you will specify: quantity, date, author and Author Review. The author is the person who posted the reference vial, while the author change represents the user who last changed it.

For each vial you can perform the following actions:

  • Edit: lets you edit the inserted data for selected vial. Among the visible fields in the form, you may also see the MSP code of patient reference that cannot be changed. The rest of the editable fields are:
    • Type: indicates the type of organic material present inside the vial.
    • Amount: Specifies the amount of organic material in the vial.
    • Insert date: indicates the date when the vial was placed inside the BioBank.
  • Printing: allows you to print a label, through specific label printer and able to withstand temperatures of 170° -70° e-applicable on selected vial. The label will be present: the most important information about its content and a QRcode that allows us to find the vial inside BioBank simply, scannerizzandola.
  • Delete: deletes the selected vial.

Within the list Vials you can choose how to display the list and make a careful search through special filters.

Advanced filtering

The filters allow the user to perform a more thorough search within the database, specify one or more fields than those listed in the vials.

Specifically, we can search by date added to the patient's ID code or type of material in the vial.

  • Search with QRcode

Is showing the patient list that displaying the List on the left menu in ampoules, there is the option "search with QRcode". Scanning the QRcode, printed previously on our vial, you can search the ampoule immediately concerned without having to search or application filters.

  • User permissions

 ADMIN users: full permissions.

Users USER: permissions to view and search for patients and vials, press summaries, and labels. Permission denied to add, edit and delete patients and vials.

API Implementation

Integration with API to use externally on the capabilities of the program.

To get more information about the operation of our APIs please contact us by e-mail.

Legend types

Codes for types of biological material.

S: Blood

A: Serum

P: Plasma

N: Primary

M: Metastasis

T: healthy tissue

L: synovial fluid

V: synovial membrane

C: Cartilage